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Starting Out In Online Marketing?

SO, you're just getting into online marketing and have no idea where to start - afterall the www is a massive black hole where information is sucked in and if you aren't continually moving with it - your marketing plans as well.

It sounds logical, but never forget that customers, prospects and partners should be foremost in your thinking when it comes to the lifeblood of your business. 

You can have the most amazing online shopfront or product in the world but if you're in the 'back blocks' of the web - you might just as well be talking to the dog.

Traffic acquisition is (generally speaking) half the battle. So what's the secret to getting eyes to your brand?

While there are no guarantees - you could do a lot worse that look at the following:

* content marketing (blogs, news articles, webinars and videos)

* paid channel marketing or (SEM - Search Engine Marketing) (PPC - Pay Per Click) marketing.

* affiliate marketing

* PR - which when done well can be more effective and less expensive than advertising (don't confuse the two).

* having a social media strategy

* making sure your site is optimised for the mobile market

Unfortunately there is no sure fire solution for start-ups to make it big - but with planning, persistence and a little perspiration you'll be a whole lot closer to your goals. 

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

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