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WE are enamoured with social media.

It is the generation paradigm media shift of our time - and takes up a disproportionate amount of not just our day but our lives.

Nothing in our lifetime has quite been as significant in changing the world, how we communicate in it and ultimately how we perceive those around us than via the use of social media.

History will show that it's rise was meteoric and that everyone from Presidents and Prime Ministers through to monarchs and religious leaders quickly realised its potential.

In Australia, our love of all things new, bright and shiny has never been more exemplifed that via technology.

When colour television first hit our shores in 1974-5 we couldn't get out to the stores quiekly enough. The same can be said about video cassette players, CDs. DVDs and just about anything with the Apple label on it.

So, when it comes to social media - where do we stand?

Well, according to the latest Sensis figures over 55% of us jump onto the internet five (5) times a day or more with 32% of us logging on between 1-4 times a day. 

Of these, an astonishing 95% of us jump onto Facebook, with 31% of us checking out Instagram, 24% Linkedin and 22% Snapchat.

Socially, the lounge and living room (69%) are our favoured networking comfort zones while 42% of us say the bedroom is our preferred chill zone, 29% the study, 22% the kitchen and (yes) 12% the toilet.

As for the proportion of businesses that have a social media presence in Australia, well it might surprise to find out that less than half (48%) of small business have a presence while 54% of medium sized businesses are on board and 79% of large businesses say they have a foot in the door.

Yet in spite of its dominance, businesses are yet to be convinced it seems of its value as far as advertising with just 20% of small businesses saying they used paid ads on social media, 27% of medium businesses admitting to delving into their pockets and just over 60% of large businesses convinced social media advertising is the way to go.

Perhaps not as surprising is that the appeal of social networking sites is strongest among females under 40, while first thing in the morning (49%) and after work (63%) are the most popular times for users to catch up on what's going on.

And while there are certainly big winners when it comes to social media, there are some (such as the ill-fated MySpace and Foursquare) which are losing favour with users - with the latest fatality Twitter (dropping from a high of 45% of users in 2014 do 34% in 2016 here in Australia).

Does business believe social media will contribute to an increase in sales?

The short answer is yes - with over 60% of small business giving the tick to the medium (despite its seeming lack of investment) while 59% of medium business and 68% of large business bankrolling its future and putting it money where its mouth is.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

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