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WE'VE all had them - that light-bulb moment when you think to yourself - wow - now there's a great idea for a promotional stunt.

Well don't discount the idea. A well-planned stunt can be a great way to connect with not only a wider audience but customers as well.

What was once the domain of the brave (or the crazy) is now virtually part and parcel of our everyday living - so you really do have to get creative.

Of course ensuring that your stunt  . . . errr event  . . . will generate both media and consumer interest - planning and then a little more planning followed by planning - then execution is paramount.

Think about what you're trying to achieve - make the message simple and easy to understand, think visually and be realisitc.

Imagine the stunt from an outsiders perspective and then work on the form of communication you're going to employ to let the media know about it.

Alternatively, the rise in popularity of flash mobs and the reliance of social media to spread the word is also an option (who can forget the success of the ice bucket challenge) - but don't be fooled - staging what looks to be a simple stunt can be both costly and nightmare when it comes to organisation.

And if you're still keen on going ahead - a final piece of advice - don't break the law. Know where to draw the line. Check any local council by-laws and regulations - that might see you land yourself in court rather than on everyone's lips.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

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