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10 Quick & Easy PR Ideas

THERE are hundreds of ways to raise your business, community or event profile.

Here's just a few, which require little in the way of investment - just your time and enthusiasm.

1) Write a guest blog for someone who is in front of your ideal audience

2) Film yourself. Speaking opportunities will you if people can see examples of you speaking confidently about your chosen subject matter

3) Write a press release and host it on your website if you're unsure which media to send it to

4) Search feeds such as #SlowNewsDay - bored - errrr - news hungry journalists who are in need of a good story have great 'go to' sites when it comes to information

5) Google yourself! See what would come up if journalists did a search for you, your business or event.

6) Duplicate your blog on Linkedin. It doubles your chances of search engines finding your content.

7) Call you local community radio station. Yep - these exist & many are looking for regular content. Offer yourself as a local expert when they discuss topics in your zone of genius.

8) Experiential Marketing. What? I hear you say! In short - pull a stunt or promote your product or service in a new way for customers to discover.

9) Nominate yourself for an award. Is this unethical? Hmmmm - plenty have done it and besides - have you ever thought to question how these businesses received the nomination in the first place?

10) Set out to break a record. They can be silly or serious - but the attempt can generate great publicity.

Friday, February 17, 2017

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